signals, part three: 7 casts

Instagram: signals, part three: 7 casts, 2 more to go.

signals, part two: one cast

Instagram: signals, part two: one cast, 8 more to go.

old work from Natuurkunstpark Lelystad

Instagram: remembering an old work from Natuurpark Lelystad. Good memories.

signals, part one: the mold

Instagram: signals, theme Natuurkunstpark Lelystad 2021, part one: the mold

face to face

Instagram: face to face

artbook by Bruxelles Art Vue

Instagram; detail of one of my works published in the artbook: Human body is art, by Bruxelles Art Vue.

old work (2007)

Instagram: old work (2017)

covid-19 skin-hunger 2

Instagram: covid-19, skin-hunger 2

work in progress

Instagram: work in progress

covid-19, skin-hunger

Instagram: covid-19-time, skin hunger. Experiment with skin and plaster.