not (2018), detail

Instagram: not (2018), detail.

continuing story part 4: filling the holes

Instagram: filling the holes with red-colored casting wax.

kill your darlings

Instagram: kill your darlings. Sometimes a project does not become what I want it to become. And I have to start again.

continuing story part 3: 52 pieces crammed

Instagrambericht: continuing story: part 3

need for artfood

Blog: How I miss the museums, the exhibitions! I really want to feed myself again with art, with recognition, with surprise, sometimes with envy. I recharge by seeing work that touches me, or work that makes me think: I can do better😉.

wat was l what was, work from 2016

Instagram: white wax masks in the green grass with dew drops. Made at Schokland, 2016.

wig l wedge

Instagram: work from 2018, the first of the series of face masks.

working with Emer on the next project

Instagram: working with Emer on the next project.

continuing story part 2: cram even more

Instagram: trying to box even more of the 52 twisted faces and facial parts.


Instagram: try