Need for artfood

How I miss the museums, the exhibitions! I really want to feed myself again with art, with recognition, with surprise, sometimes with envy. I recharge by seeing work that touches me, or work that makes me think: I can do better?. It stimulates me to be more concentrated and focused in the studio myself. It confirms me again and again that that is what I want to do, what I am: making art, being an artist. It is the world in which I feel at home.

As long as I can’t visit a museum yet, I want to look back at a number of exhibitions that impressed me. I will start with my last visit: last November I went to the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam with my friend Marjoleine, for the exhibition: Ulay was here. I especially knew the work he made with Marina Abramovic. That work continues to intrigue me: the tension, the trust in each other, the search for or perhaps even stretching the boundaries. I also look for the latter in my work, but I often do not dare to go that far. Allowing these works to work on me does encourage me to follow my own heart and desire even more.

I didn’t actually know the work from his 1st solo period, before the collaboration with Marina, and I found it surprisingly intriguing: how he used his own body in his work. And captured it on Polaroid photos. It evoked recognition, surprise and sometimes horror. But I love that! Even if that happens when people see my work. Because then it touches, it evokes emotions. And that is exactly what I miss so much now. Hit it and get hit. The interaction with art and art lovers. We still have to deal with our memories, but hopefully we can have new experiences soon.

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