upcoming exhibitions in the gallery

Every 2nd weekend of the month, except August, my gallery and studio are open.

I usually then invite a colleague to exhibit together in my gallery.

Each time it is a treat to see how the combination of our work produces surprises.

I enjoy it when the works reinforce each other: sometimes by sanding, other times by the color combinations, or by the parallels in use of materials or theme.

Opening hours: from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.

May 10 to 12: Annebet van den Pol

from May 10 to 12, Annebet van den Pol will exhibit photography and spatial work in the gallery.

June 8 and 9: Eljo van Zetten

June 8 and 9, Eljo van Zetten will exhibit objects in the gallery.

Nov. 9 and 10: Elt de Boer

Nov. 9 and 10, Elt de Boer will exhibit architectural ceramics in the gallery.