Here you can see me at work in my studio. My place, where I feel completely at home. There is nothing more wonderful than retreating to this space and getting my hands dirty with plaster, clay, wax and other materials. And then when work emerge that tell what is on my mind, I am completely happy.

The common thread in my work is the use of my own body. I often begin a new work by making a mold of (part of) my own body. Think hands, fingers, feet, face, ears, nose, legs or also back. I then use this mold to make multiple castings in various materials. Playing with these casts, I begin to discover what story or feeling it is about. And step by step, an small work or an installation then emerges.

I also like to experiment with new materials. And preferably so that I can figure out how to use it in a way it is not actually intended for. After all, that’s what produces the best surprises. For me, those are the most interesting. In the studio, I enjoy not having everything under control, but discovering things through play, seeing work emerge and being touched by the meaning of the sculptures themselves.

Recurring themes are: space and limitation, freedom and unfreedom. I think about this a lot and also enjoy reading about it. How much space do you need to be yourself? Can you create that yourself or do you need others to do that? What if you feel little space? What is your own role in this? Do you put yourself in a dependent position or do you take control?

Besides working in the studio by myself, I also love it when people come to visit. To see my work, but also to talk about my work and my motivations.

Therefore, every 2nd Saturday of the month I hold open house: studio and gallery are open.

But you are also welcome in between! Send me a message or stop by spontaneously!