Elt de Boer

Nov. 9 and 10, Elt de Boer exhibits at the gallery.

Elt de Boer makes ceramics. His ceramic objects are inspired by the archetypal forms of human structures and civilizations. For example, he makes stacks of clay and this he combines with other materials such as lead, wood or metal. You can see his great love for architecture in this.

Elt loves clay. He loves the material. When formed it is soft and malleable, after the heat of the fire it is transformed into stone.

In his work, Elt is guided by the design process and chance. A piece of wood, which was actually intended as a temporary prop, can become part of the final work. He gives his work color by applying colored clay silt to the still wet clay. This creates a matte, stone-like texture.

In this way, Elt has developed a very personal visual language: the architectural forms inspired by building and stacking as well as the matte finish are characteristic of his work.

Elt exhibits widely, both solo and in group exhibitions.

Opening hours: from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.