Lilo Glerum

Dec. 9, Lilo Glerum will be the guest artist at the gallery.

Lilo Glerum was born in Zurich, Switzerland. With her father, she spent a lot of time in nature. He could tell beautifully about the plants they encountered. This is how her love of nature was born. And that love has also become the inspiration for her work.

While on vacation, she met her husband Jan and moved to the Netherlands. Even as a child, Lilo enjoyed drawing. Later she began to study etching techniques, for which she took courses at the Werkschuit in Zeist. Soon she was fascinated by the many possibilities, including line etching, dry needle, aquatint, etc. From 1976 to 1984, she further developed her technique under the guidance of artist-teacher Bert Keller.

In her work, her love of nature is expressed, among other things, in the etchings she made about the dandelion. She was very fascinated by the different growth forms.

In addition to etchings, she also made collages. During her travels, she discovered that there are manhole covers all over the world, works of art just lying on the street. This is how the series of collages about manhole covers was created. In Swiss mountain villages, they are also inlaid with stones. Seeing this in Alberto Giacometti’s hometown, she began to delve into his life and work. And she depicted that, too, in a series of collages.

Lilo sees her works as journeys into the world and fantasy, transformed into signs and forms.