Wim Bakker

Nov. 11 and 12, Wim Bakker was the guest artist at the gallery.

Wim Bakker creates abstract paintings in which areas of color, lines and rhythms play a major role.

Wim was born in Amsterdam, but has lived and worked in Nunspeet for over 30 years. After years of working as a Fine Arts teacher, he now has his own studio as an independent painter. In that studio, he also teaches courses in Modern and Contemporary Art.

Bakker studied art history and throughout his life developed an increasing passion for modern and contemporary painting.

After various periods, he currently creates geometric abstract works. Order, rhythm, color, line and plane are the ingredients of his work. He seeks peace and balance during the painting process. But he likes to add a peculiarity, a dissonance, a shift or a disturbance. As a result, his almost entirely, geometrically abstract works nevertheless evoke emotion. For Wim, this gives his work common ground with reality.

The works are not titled so as not to evoke any association. The viewer is completely free to make his or her own reflections on it.