Sandra van de Griendt

April 13 and 14, 2024 Sandra van de Griendt exhibited at the gallery.

Drawing and photography are two disciplines Sandra alternates between. But sometimes she uses them side by side, such as in the form of a booklet or leporello. Sandra enjoys being experimental and inquisitive. This often produces surprising images, and they can be abstract, stilled or poetic.

She does not think up her drawings in advance. It arises spontaneously, layer upon layer. Sandra has no end goal in mind, but notices along the way when something is finished. This can be from one stroke to another; it is always a surprise.

In photography, it works differently. She says herself, “I’m not really a photographer. I just use the medium to achieve a certain result. Sometimes I see something that intrigues me, such as a shadow, reflection, a line or a beautiful spot. Only later, on my screen, do I see if I can do something with it. It may also be years later that I come across the photo again and suddenly see something in it.”

In a special project Sandra has been working on for several years, she is trying to give shape to her sister’s dementia process. Again, she does this through photographs, drawings and film.